The Future of Healthcare

We help you bring modern, personalised and connected care to your community

Tyde is a registered Portal Operator with the Australian Government Digital Health Agency and My Health Record.

Empower Members

Tyde consolidates medical and health information presenting it in an easy to use, engaging and user-centric manner. With our secure timeline, Tyde empowers your members to better understand and manage their health.

Encourage Loyalty & Trust

Your members are in control of a personalised health resource providing them with a greater and ongoing connection to their health. Our platform provides an up to date, rich user experience to help you increase loyalty with your members through value creation.

Measure Outcomes

Measuring outcomes is fundamental for increasing knowledge. Our platform enables users to integrate their feedback and treatment results, allowing their healthcare professionals and payer greater insights into health outcomes.

Increase Adherence

We help your members get a full view of their treatment history and offer interactive adherence tools for their medicines, ultimately delivering better health outcomes.

Faster Sharing

Our platform facilitates greater connection between users, healthcare professionals and insurers, with secure consent based interactions for real-time health information built into the platform.

Pathway Management

With authorised user consent, our platform enables efficient and cost effective pathway management to help manage complex diseases and deliver better results for users.

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