The highest standard of security in healthcare

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We respect your privacy and the privacy of the people you love. So, very high on the list of things we hold near and dear is ensuring your health records are completely confidential. They can only be accessed by you and the people you want to share them with.


Security is paramount on our platform. To be honest, we are a little obsessive about it. We follow the Australian Federal Government's security guidelines and requirements to the letter and are proudly HIPAA compliant (HIPAA is a set of rules and regulations that must be adhered to for health-related applications). In fact, we use an encryption protocol that is of an even higher grade than the one your bank uses.


The Tyde platform, we have painstakingly handcrafted is run in a secure cloud which is both HIPAA and ISO 27001 certified. We have a set of security controls (longer than your favourite playlist) including data encryption, backup, audit logging and risk mitigation strategy - keeping your health information safe and sound at all times.